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Sunday, March 9, 2008

My standpoint

Just discovered that someone is actually reading my little blog and felt that I should maybe talk about me a little and why I am angry. As most of you can see I put most of my ager (well up to now) towards USA. So why am I so angry at USA? I need to make it clear that I do not hate Americans but I feel sick by the politics that country runs. And to see how so many bright people that there after all is in the U.S. being totally numb and letting their government get away with all the dirt they do. Time after time it is proved that their President's break the law's in ways that other people would go to war crimes tribunals for but still they sit where they are. I am not saying people in my country of Sweden are no better but my government ain't doing that much crimes to the world either. The biggest crimes by my country is their support to USA as most of the other European country's give too. It is illegal by Sweden to sell weapons to a war pushing country but still we sell to the States, so I am not all that happy with the politicians here.

Why do I care then? I noticed that after the terror attack on USA in September 2001 I did not feel sorry for them. I as a westerner should feel disgusted by such a terrible act. But I just felt America got it back now I feel sorry for the family's that lost an innocent member and all the innocent victims. But I felt that why should I cry for these people any more than all the people dead by American politics and guns?

What the Americans have failed to understand is those actions against them are due to actions caused by them selfs. If I go and pick on someone I have to be prepared to accept that it might get back at me.


Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited. I dont think anyone reads this sad space u call a blog. I stumbled upon your page by accident. Noone cares about what you think abput Americans or our government. Take care of yours first.

Anonymous said...
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Mad S. said...

Mÿ government ain't that much of a problem. And no I don't expect many people to read this blog it is my place to let some steam out. Hopefully some more people will stumble upon it and obviously some have, well minimum 10 that I know.