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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swedish health care

It is insane how a country like mine, Sweden, have such a terrible health care. I know for a fact that our elderly have worse care than our criminals. And when you get sick and finally get to see a doctor you get some standard answers then a prescription on a drug for what might help for the symptoms you are showing. The doctor wont look into your illness unless you really do look as if you are dying and then it might be to late. I hope Obama get USA back on track and Sweden continue monkey after USA in a good way for once. I hope 90% of all politicians in the world get the karma they deserve and are punished for their crimes over and over again.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Homes for the future

As well known I am not a big fan of the USA. But I am loosing up and with Obama I think this country will have a chance to redeem them self . I have started to make plans of becoming a house owner and found these guys houses on a discovery program called Eco Tech, When the time comes I will for sure try get me a house like this. Hopefully there is a chance for a Swedish logger to build it or else it wont be as environmental as it is supposed to be.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

killing of innocent children

Once again the brave American soldiers in Iraq have done it. A young Iraqi girl was killed when an American soldier fired off a warning shot. Only American soldiers can be so stupid that they manage to kill children when fire off warning shot's. I have done army service my self and several friends have been U.N. peace keepers. In Sweden we don't let retards and people without a normal mind nor skills hold a weapon. It is easy to understand why since we don't want innocent people to get hurt or in worst case get killed. When I was in the army we did test for being guards and there is a step by step instruction you follow. It is very easy for a normal intelligent person to follow this procedure and with a little practice a less bright person can learn this too. When one of my friends came home from duty in Bosnia he told me several story's and when he told me about the american soldiers we all had a big laugh because they were so stupid. One story is when my friends comes driving on a old sand road. They see American soldiers standing by an obstacle on the road. The American's stop my friends and tells them it is impossible to pass and that they have radio in a report and help is on the way, and they have orders to wait there. My friends and the Swedish soldiers look at each other and laugh, then they drive around the obstacle and continues to their base. This is just one story and there are probably several hundreds of them. I asked my friend how come american soldiers are so stupid? and he told me that first of all mainly uneducated and people from the lowest society join the american army since they don't get jobs and are more easy to influence than maybe an educated person. So! he told me, American soldiers are probably the stupidest soldier in the world. One other thing is that an american soldier is not trained to think for himself, he should just follow orders and don't hesitate on following it. Other armies train their soldiers to act and think fast where the american soldier just are trained to act fast. Maybe the American army gave up training the low educated people in thinking and gave up that aspect in military training.

Once again!! How many innocent lives be taken for the greed of the west?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Masters of our planet Earth !!! haha

With this intelligence no wonder so many people in the states don't see the crimes made by their leaders. One might wonder is this what their government want? The more stupid citizens we have the more do we get away with!!!! Anyway it is a laugh just looking at this clip.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A human life for what?

Today another 5 Americans died in Iraq to make a total of American death to more than 3900. How many Iraqi persons that have died I have no number for now. I wonder what a human life is worth for Bush and his criminals? One barrel of oil or 100 barrels??? How many innocent life have to die in all parts of our world due to this horrible regime in the west.

Kidnapped children

The other day I saw an episode with Dr Phil about this 16 year old American girl that met a then 20 year old Palestine boy Abdullha. The girl tried to go to see him but F.B.I manage stopped her in Jordan. When she turned 18 she had the legal right to go to see her Internet love. She had been in Palestine for 2 weeks and the Family got Dr Phil to help them. I never seen such load of crap. Dr Phil who normally try to be objective was putting an angle to the show, out of this world. The message was clear, if you are American BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID from being involved with an Arabic man. There where never any proof of this Abdulha's bad intentions that Dr Phil and the family tried to make the audience believe he had. Today I read about the Swedish man having to go to USA to hire a private eye to help find his daughters kidnapped by his American wife or what I guess now is former wife. Because the police in USA wont help him. Finally the F.B.I was involved but that made things worse according to the man, since they treated him as a terrorist. Today the Father and his daughters were reunited and back in Sweden. To clarify for you reader that assume this was an Arabic man, NO it is a Swedish man with a Swedish bloodline.

I urge any American to look at your country, don't you see that there is something serious wrong with it? The bad picture your media is giving you about other country's you almost certain can find in your own backyard. What gives your government the right to influence minority's in other sovereign country's to rebel against that country and help those people by bombing that country. What gives your government the right to start a holy was against another country on false statement and pure lies. Just because that you the people see on it's propaganda news and you American swallow the propaganda as easy as the Germans did in the Hitler heydays.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My standpoint

Just discovered that someone is actually reading my little blog and felt that I should maybe talk about me a little and why I am angry. As most of you can see I put most of my ager (well up to now) towards USA. So why am I so angry at USA? I need to make it clear that I do not hate Americans but I feel sick by the politics that country runs. And to see how so many bright people that there after all is in the U.S. being totally numb and letting their government get away with all the dirt they do. Time after time it is proved that their President's break the law's in ways that other people would go to war crimes tribunals for but still they sit where they are. I am not saying people in my country of Sweden are no better but my government ain't doing that much crimes to the world either. The biggest crimes by my country is their support to USA as most of the other European country's give too. It is illegal by Sweden to sell weapons to a war pushing country but still we sell to the States, so I am not all that happy with the politicians here.

Why do I care then? I noticed that after the terror attack on USA in September 2001 I did not feel sorry for them. I as a westerner should feel disgusted by such a terrible act. But I just felt America got it back now I feel sorry for the family's that lost an innocent member and all the innocent victims. But I felt that why should I cry for these people any more than all the people dead by American politics and guns?

What the Americans have failed to understand is those actions against them are due to actions caused by them selfs. If I go and pick on someone I have to be prepared to accept that it might get back at me.