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Thursday, March 13, 2008

killing of innocent children

Once again the brave American soldiers in Iraq have done it. A young Iraqi girl was killed when an American soldier fired off a warning shot. Only American soldiers can be so stupid that they manage to kill children when fire off warning shot's. I have done army service my self and several friends have been U.N. peace keepers. In Sweden we don't let retards and people without a normal mind nor skills hold a weapon. It is easy to understand why since we don't want innocent people to get hurt or in worst case get killed. When I was in the army we did test for being guards and there is a step by step instruction you follow. It is very easy for a normal intelligent person to follow this procedure and with a little practice a less bright person can learn this too. When one of my friends came home from duty in Bosnia he told me several story's and when he told me about the american soldiers we all had a big laugh because they were so stupid. One story is when my friends comes driving on a old sand road. They see American soldiers standing by an obstacle on the road. The American's stop my friends and tells them it is impossible to pass and that they have radio in a report and help is on the way, and they have orders to wait there. My friends and the Swedish soldiers look at each other and laugh, then they drive around the obstacle and continues to their base. This is just one story and there are probably several hundreds of them. I asked my friend how come american soldiers are so stupid? and he told me that first of all mainly uneducated and people from the lowest society join the american army since they don't get jobs and are more easy to influence than maybe an educated person. So! he told me, American soldiers are probably the stupidest soldier in the world. One other thing is that an american soldier is not trained to think for himself, he should just follow orders and don't hesitate on following it. Other armies train their soldiers to act and think fast where the american soldier just are trained to act fast. Maybe the American army gave up training the low educated people in thinking and gave up that aspect in military training.

Once again!! How many innocent lives be taken for the greed of the west?

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